• Objective:

    Further Development of PhotoShop compositional skills

    Course Requirements:

    Computer Art II Projects

    A. Still Images - Written step by step description to be submitted with each project

    • Series of 3 digital landscape paintings (digiscapes)
    • Series of 3 ‘’fantastical beasts”
    • Series of 3 collage portraits depicting different emotive states
    • Series of 3 personal still life compositions

    B. Animated GIFs

    • Moving hand drawn GIF figure
    • Moving GIF image for logo
    • Poster with animated GIF
    • GIF animated text

    All images to be saved in a Computer Art II folder in Student Files

    Summative Portfolio:

    Student selection of 8 best stills and 3 best animated GIFs to be compiled in a Ditgital Portfolio.