• Objective:

    To provide students with the opportunity to develop a more personal voice in the creaton of their own work as well as researching a particular film genre of their choosing.

    Course Requirements:

    • Students are to create a series of 3 - 4 videos, 5 - 7 minutes long
    • Storyboard is to be submitted for each video prior to the creatin of the videos
    • Edit sheet to be submitted at the conclusion of the creation of each video
    • Synopisis for each film created along with 4-5 stills from each film saved in PowerPoint or Google Slides format


    • iMovie Yosemite (10.0.6)
    • Atomic Learning (Hoonit - Anoka Hennepin web site - lock and key)
    • PhotoShop
    • Microsoft Word

    Summative Assessment:

    Written evaluation - online statement